Director of Aerospace Education (DAE): Capt John Price 
Deputy Directors of Aerospace Education (DDAE):

Director Aerospace Education Special Projects (DASP): Lt Col Brad Naas

Special Project Areas:

  • Home School Conference
  • Science Teachers Conference
  • Model Rocketry
  • MARC
  • AE 101 (Technician)
  • Advance Rocketry

Aerospace Education Program (CAPP 50-1)

[Materials, Documents and Files can now be found on members TEAMs area:]

Cadet Aerospace Education Web Page

Cadet Aerospace Dimension Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Flight - Quizlet
  • Module 2: Aircraft Systems and Airports - Quizlet
  • Module 3: Air Environment - Quizlet
  • Module 4: Rockets -Quizlet
  • Module 5: Space Environment - Quizlet
  • Module 6: Space Craft - Quizlet

Aerospace Education Program for Seniors:

Aerospace Education Awards:

  • ORWG AE Squadron of Merit
  • Scott Crossfield Award.
  • Frank G. Brewer-Civil Air Patrol Memorial Awards. CAPF 25
    1. Cadet
    2. Senior
    3. Non CAP Individual/organization
    4. Lifetime achievement
  • Aerospace Education Teacher of the Year. CAPF 128
  • Major General Jeanne M. Holm Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Officer of the year award. CAPF 129

Aerospace Education Reports, Guidance and Inspections:

Aerospace Education – Community Outreach

Duties/Responsibilities of an AEO – Squadron and Wing:

  • Leads or oversees the weekly AE current events discussion
  • Oversees the aerospace education portion of the cadet and senior member programs
  • Ensures cadet orientation flights are taking place
  • Works with the unit activities officer to plan enrichment activities
  • Develops and supervise Squadron AE POA
  • Files reports as required by regulation
  • Briefs unit commander regularly
  • Supports wing/region/national AE activities
  • Supports the external aerospace education programs in the community

Duties and responsibilities of wing AE staff:

Duties of the DAE would include assigning areas of Training, Internal/External, General AE unit oversight. Wing annual AE Plan of Action and Wing Activity Reports. Items not assigned to other assistant DAE’s will become the responsibility of the DAE. The DAE will maintain a personal AE activity log.

Duties of the Deputy DAE Include unit and wing level AE activities and training as well as items assigned by the DAE to this position. The DDAE will maintain a personal AE activity log.

CAP Region Aerospace Education page
CAP National Aerospace Education page