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Cadet Program Officers Information (Senior Members)

Cadet Program Officer Training Meetings

4th Wednesday of each month via Microsoft Teams unless otherwise posted below

Dates Meeting Topic
25 January 2023 CPO Meet and Greet
22 February 2023 How to Navigate eServices
22 March 2023 What is QCUA and How to get it
26 April 2023 How to Create Cadet Program-Focused Goals
24 May 2023 How to Read eServices Reports
21 June 2023 How to Prepare for a Subordinate Unit Inspection
26 July 2023 How to Prepare for an Open House
23 August 2023 Resources for Cadet Program Officers and where to find them
23 Sept 2023 Wing Wide Open House
25 Oct 2023 How to Write Awards to Recognize Cadets
November and December No CPO Training supported by Wing CP

Cadet Program Officer Resources

National Headquarter Cadet Program Webpage

CAPR 60-1 Cadet Program Management

CAPR 60-2 Cadet Protection Program

CAPR 60-3 Cadet at School Program

CAPP 52-9 Cadet Great Start

CAPP 52-19 Cadet Advisory Council Guide

CAPP 52-21 Cadets at School-Program Overview for Educators

CAPP 60-11 Cadet Programs Officer Handbook and Specialty Track Guide

CAPP 60-12 Parents' Guide to the CAP Cadet Program

CAPP 60-15 Cadet Protection Policy Implementation Guide

CAPP 60-20 New Cadet Guide

CAPP 60-32 Cadet Staff Duty Analysis Guide


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