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Oregon Wing Leadership School

Oregon Wing Leadership School Provost: C/Lt Col Nicholas Vaz

Oregon Wing has a long steadfast tradition of providing the best and most up-to-date information to the Cadets within the Wing.  We are currently under a remodel of the previous Oregon Wing Leadership School to make it more of a focused academy for each phase to better prepare cadets today and in the future. 


Sept 24 Drill and Ceremony Academy

There has been a change in location and duration for the Drill & Ceremonies Academy. It is being held only on Saturday, Sept 24, in Salem at this address: 3030 25th Street SE. Arrival is 0800-0830, and dismissal is 1700.

In this email, please attach a completed:

The cost for this activity is $15 which you will need to pay at the door when you arrive. Applications close at 1800 on Tuesday, Sept 20.

Oct 22-23 Airman Leadership School/NCOA Located at McMinnville Composite Squadron


Oregon Wing Leadership Weekend #1 28 January 

Applications for all positions close Sunday, Oct. 2nd 2022 at 2359


1. Cadet Airmen Jumpstart gives airmen the skills needed to jumpstart their career in CAP and staff an introduction to staffing activities.

2. Staff applications for all positions at January 2023 Cadet Airmen Jumpstart are now open. Please pay attention to the dates for submission.

3. Cadet Airmen Jumpstart will take place in the afternoon on Jan. 28th of 2023.

4. Applications for all positions close Sunday Oct. 2nd 2022 at 2359.

  • Senior:
    • An email stating your interest to C/Lt Col Vaz (Nicholas.Vaz@orwgcap.org) and CC Lt McCall (Caden.McCall@orwgcap.org).
  • Cadet:
    • An email with your résumé, bonus points for a cover letter, sent to C/Lt Col Vaz (Nicholas.Vaz@orwgcap.org), and CC Lt McCall (Caden.McCall@orwgcap.org).

Oregon Wing Leadership Weekend #2 22-23 April

Oregon Wing Leadership Weekend #3 22-23 July 

Oregon Wing Leadership Weekend (Fitness Challenge) 29-30 July

Oregon Wing Leadership Weekend #4 Oct 28-29 Oct



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