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Transportation: All CAP members flying into Portland (PDX) will be provided baggage claim to barracks transportation. Students Plan your Travel to arrive by 1100 28 DEC 22 at PDX, and schedule your departure after 1600 03 JAN 2023 in order to complete the 1100-1200 03 JAN 2023 graduation activities. Staff and early student PDX arrivals will be picked up by van plan your arrival prior to 1100 27 DEC 22 if possible. Early student arrival, even overnight, as early as the 27th will be authorized only if required (i.e. students traveling with family that is staff) but discouraged if possible. Departure AFTER 03 JAN 2022 is STRONGLY discouraged.  ALL members flying to PDX must send their arrival and departure itinerary to Capt Teresa Gray, encampment transportation officer. Please provide this flight information No Later Than 15 DEC 22

Student encampment and ATS registrations will be accepted between TBD

Please use the below link to register for the Encampment.  DO NOT REGISTER as staff until you have been selected and notified by the cadet Cadre or LtCol Buchanan, the Commandant of cadets.


The above link will require you to complete the following forms in order to complete your registration. They are uploaded during the online application: CAPF 60-81(replaces 31), CAPF 160(I), CAPF 161(I), CAPF 163, and the liability form. A packing list has been published and it is available at the registration link – check your email before departure for updates

These forms will need to be filled out completely; including all parental and unit signatures. IAW CAPR 60-1, Wing Commander signature is not required, but please notify your Director of Cadet Programs of your attendance at an out-of-wing activity. Commanders and parents: Please identify any special needs cadets and any special considerations on the cadet’s form 160 (I).  Please contact myself, the encampment commander, for any special needs requiring one on one supervision, special assistance, or access requirements.

Also due to health concerns, it is HIGHLY recommended that all members attending encampment be fully up-to-date with their vaccinations before attendance.  

Please take note of the CEAP registration option. If you intend to apply for CEAP benefits, select the correct registration category – AND on 1 NOV2023 immediately, apply for CEAP.


This year’s encampment will feature both basic encampment training squadrons for first time attendees and an Advance training Squadron (ATS) for second year cadets and future staff.

The Winter Raptor Encampment is intended to teach the individuals from the participating wings common followership and leadership skills with standardized training and barracks life in a high stress environment.  Graduation from an encampment is mandatory for all cadets wishing to move on to phase III and earn their Billy Mitchell award. In addition to the four core aspects of the cadet program: Leadership, Aerospace education, physical fitness, and character development, an opportunity to tour local Aerospace themed locations, team confidence course, rotary wing Orientation rides are being scheduled.  Many of the high adventure activities will be weather and installation dependent, and are not guaranteed.

The purpose of the ATS is to bridge the collective training gap for the phase II and III Cadets that have not had the opportunity for advanced NCO and leader training.  The ATS will function as an NCO Academy while incorporating the structure and opportunities of an encampment. Students in ATS will also receive an NCOS graduation certificate and staff and weather dependent either a CAP cadet rocketry badge or STEM badge. Graduates of the ATS will be able to take the additional training back to their home squadrons and will also assist them in preparing for future leadership opportunities in CAP and life. Past encampment participation will be verified for cadets wishing to join as advanced cadets.  Attending this ATS is an excellent opportunity to return to and relive the lifestyle of encampment but get more relevant phase II and III training. (There is no minimum or maximum grade level to attend ATS - just prior encampment graduation)

For senior members interested this year as Training Officers (TO), we are hiring 21 TOs and ATOs plus four Senior Training Officers. We have a limited number of seats for Phase IV Cadets to participate as STO Assistants. Please send an email to harold.buchanan@orwgcap.org and to Tom Weir the Chief Training Officer, if you would like to be part of his Training officer team at thomas.weir@wawg.cap.gov – and a short letter of intent (don’t make it too complicated) and/or Resume. Once assigned a position you will submit a CAPF 17,160(I) and 161(I). (60-81 or 17 will be accepted in the PDF attachment for seniors)


Here is the link to the Winter Raptor website.


A Winter Raptor Facebook page is available – announcements prior to encampment will be updated there, and, mid encampment updates should be available.


Graduation activities: The Graduation is scheduled to occur at 1100 03 JAN 23.  If the weather does not support an outdoor pass and review – graduation will be held indoors. 

Graduation should be complete at 1200.  Depending on how successful the cadets are in preparing for graduation – ANY CADET that is not flying, may be required to assist in finish clearing their barracks AFTER GRADUATION.  So if you arrive to watch your cadet at graduation, your departure may be delayed as they clear the barracks to the encampment logistics section. 

Please factor in that potential delay after you observe graduation.

POC for this action is the undersigned at harold.buchanan@orwgcap.org

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