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Senior Staff

Encampment Commander Health Services Officer
Col William Ray Lt Karista Bradley (RN)
Deputy Commander Communication/IT Officer
Vacant 2d Lt Mike Halim
Chief of Staff  Transportation Officer
Vacant Capt Teresa Gray
Commandant of Cadets Public  Affairs Officer
Lt Col Harold Buchanan Lt Ron McCall
Curriculum and Plans Officer Logistics Officer
Personnel Officer Supply Officer
Col Virginia Thompson Maj Paul Gilman
Chaplain Chief Training Officer
  Lt Tom Wier
Finance Officer ATS Senior Training Officer
Vacant Lt Ryan Uhles
Director of DFAC ATF Training Officer
Col Chris Lee Vacant
Safety Officer Senior Training Officer
Maj Dan Bradley  
Advisor to the Commander Flight Training Officer
If you are interested in serving on the senior staff, email Col Ray at william.ray@orwgcap.org


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