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Oregon Wing Chaplain: Maj Andre Martin

Duties of the Wing Chaplain:
The Wing Chaplain is responsible for coordinating chaplain services in the state provided by Squadron Chaplains, Moral Leadership Officers, and visiting clergy. The Wing Chaplain also coordinates and forwards on to the appropriate Command applications for Chaplaincy and Moral Leadership Officers. The Wing Chaplain is the point of contact for coordination and summation of semi-annual Chaplain Service Reports, coordination of training for Mission Chaplains, and providing staff support for Wing activities such as Encampment. Chaplain Services is also the point of contact for Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and for supportive services to the Air Force and Air National Guard Chaplain Services.

The Wing often receives questions on the procedures for becoming a chaplain because the process is quite different than any other CAP position. The person who is considering becoming a chaplain will need to meet the standards as set in the CAP regulations. The candidate must first submit a regular senior member application and actually become a senior member and complete Level I training before submitting a chaplain application. It is very important to contact the Wing Chaplain as early in the process as possible as there are many documents and approvals needed from different bodies and endorsers before a candidate becomes a chaplain.

Forms Required by Wing Chaplain Services:
The Chaplain Service CAPF 34 is to be submitted to the Wing Chaplain by all Chaplains, Moral Leadership Officers, and visiting clergy performing chaplain service assistance semi-annually no later than January 5th and July 5th of each year.

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