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Director of Communications DC 1st Lt Edward C Gonzales
Asst Director of Communications DCA Maj Robert Lawrence
    Lt Col Timothy Paquin
    Capt Patrick Wineman
    Lt. Col. David Rudawitz
Advisor to the Director of Communications DCAA Lt Col Bradley Naas
Communications Engineering Officer DCE Lt. Col. Joe Boyd
Communications Programming POC DCEA 2nd Lt. James Gadsby
Wing Communications Licensing Officer DCL 1st Lt Edward C Gonzales
Net Manager and Net Control Station (NCS) DCN Maj Robert Lawrence
Alternate Net Control Stations DCNA VACANT
ReadyOP POC DCR 1st Lt Edward C Gonzales
Communications Supply Officer DCS 1st Lt Edward C Gonzales
Communications Training Officer DCT Maj. James Hutches


General questions about ORWG Communications may be directed to:  communications@orwg.cap.gov .

ORWG Call Sign List  (CUI) February 2024 Contact communications@orwg.cap.gov for access.



Oregon Wing Published Communications TTPs

Oregon Wing Communications has published an initial set of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) for communications replacing the ORWG Communications Reference documents.  The TTPs can be found in the ORWG DC Team in the ORWG Communications Files channel, TTP folder. Access is limited to CAP personnel and you may need to request access (you will get a notification and a link should this be required).  We intend on publishing additional Communications TTPs as appropriate.  Links to these TTPs can also be found below.


Communication Resources






PACE Whitepaper

FirstNet Subscriber Paid Service Available for ORWG ES Personnel

ORWG ES personnel are eligible to obtain FirstNet subscriber paid service which is provided exclusively by AT&T.  Download the ORWG FirstNet Information Sheet (new 10/2023for instructions.  FirstNet subscriber paid service is available to ORWG ES personnel and individual members applying for service will be reviewed by the ORWG Communications staff to confirm eligibility.  FirstNet subscriber paid service is paid by the individual member including any required device costs.

To obtain FirstNet Service as an ORWG CAP member - Contact Bee Nguyen  FIRST to insure your qualification for FirstNet.  THIS IS ONLY FOR ORWG ES PERSONNEL - NO OTHER WINGS!

AT&T Store at Bridgeport in Tigard - Manager Seth Wrubleski - (971) 237-5293 - Feel free to call Seth with questions or for assistance in setting up an account with FirstNet. 

Information Links


Communication's Directorate Collaboration

Leveraging the features of Microsoft Office 365, the Communications Directorate will be launching a number of Microsoft Office 365 Team spaces to support collaboration within the Communications community.  Microsoft Office 365 Team enables collaboration through file sharing, file repositories, chat messaging, email and other capabilities.  We will be using Teams to become the place to go for all communications information, thought exchange, communications training information, net participation logging and other capabilities and features.

Listed below will be a index of our team sites and channels along with a short description of each and a link to the site.  We will also be pulling back FOUO as well as the new CUI and other materials that are currently stored in this website and placing them into Teams with a link from this website to the Team location.  This provides user authentication security and will allow us to remove password protection on these materials and still meet OPSEC requirements.

Call Sign and ReadyOp UserId Request Procedures

To request an Oregon Wing call sign (station authorization) members should complete the ORWG Station Authorization Request job aid which requires approval from their unit.  Forward completed requests to communications@orwg.cap.gov for processing.  The ORWG Station Authorization Request job aid is a fillable PDF form and should be forwarded as fillable forms to facilitate processing.  ORWG call signs will only be assigned to members that have completed ICUT and either have a CAP or member furnished radio and/or will be accessing the CAP VHF LMR radio system using ReadyOp/ReadyOp DT.

ReadyOp userIds are requested using the PCR required ReadyOp UserID and Device Request job aid. This job aid is also used to add/delete smart devices to be used with ReadyOp DT.  Members requesting both an ORWG station authorization and a ReadyOp userId, may submit both forms by email to communications@orwg.cap.gov

NOTE: Members must have completed ICUT AND have received an Oregon Wing call sign in order to be issued a ReadyOp UserID.

Reporting, Forms, and Regulations


Communications Forms and Job Aids

Communications Regulations and Publications

ORWG Communications Plans - These files stored in the ORWG - Communications Team - Comm Plans channel file space.  Access is restricted.  Some are password Protected. Contact communications@orwg.cap.gov to obtain the password or access to the ORWG - Communications Team site.




Pacific Region 2021 Virtual Communications Conference

Note that the recordings and slides are stored in a Pacific Region MS Teams site.  If you do not already have access to that site, follow the on-screen instructions to request access when you attempt to download a recording or slide package.


Oregon Wing Conference Communications and Annual Communications Conference Presentations

  • 2023
    • Oregon Wing/PCR Communications Meeting - December 2, 2023

      • State of the Region - PCR Comm Directorate
        Col Brammer PCR DCS Communications - Slides  Recording
      • Communications Interoperability Update & COMMEX AAR
        Mr. Jon Lee, State of Washington SWIC - Slides  Recording
      • Space Weather Effects on Communications Systems 
        Mr. Mark MacAlester, CISA LNO - Slides  Recording
      • Features of ReadyOp, Not just a Comm Tool
        Lt Col Rudawitz, ORWG Director for Communications  - Slides   Recording




Microsoft Teams Training

As our use of Teams grows please encourage squadron members unfamiliar with Teams to watch these training videos provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft also offers training videos on YouTube.

ORMS (eServices) Training Materials

Link to eServices Training Materials

Communications Training

Communications Nets
Communications Officer Training
Communications ES Personnel Training
Fly-Away Kit 901
APX Radio Training
HF Radio Training
  • ORWG Micom 3 Basic User Training
  • Micom 3 Quick Reference cards (4 up)
  • Micom 3 AnyCall reference sheet
  • PCR HF-ALE Net
  • CAP National Traffic Net (NTN) - Listen to a recording of a typical NTN net - link
  • Space Weather Effects on Communications: Effects, Operational Impacts, and Mitigations for Communications Systems, Webinar May 17, 2022  Slides  Recording  (located in PCR Communications Team)
  • Rohde & Schwarz High Frequency (HF) Learning Center - In this learning center you’ll find videos, tutorials, white papers, brochures, applications notes, quick links, and articles focused on High Frequency Test and Measurement Solutions; the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio of HF radios for land, air, and sea; and their HF monitoring and direction finding solutions.  Rohde & Schwarz is a Munich based technology group that develops, produces, and sells a wide range of electronic capital goods for industry and government customers with a focus on solutions that contribute to a safer and connected world.  Rohde & Schwarz is not endorsed by CAP but this information is provided as a service to CAP members.
ICUT Training Materials
Tactical Repeater (PDR-3500)
Technisonic Aircraft FM Radio Training

Monthly Training Webinars

Recordings of the webinars may be found at here.
Access to the recordings requires an orwgcap.org, orwg.cap.gov or cap.gov email address. Log into your orwg.cap.gov Gmail account and then select the recording link above. You may need to copy the link and then paste it into your web browser.

Other Webinars

The New Information and Communications Technology Branch for ICS Webinar 6/28/23 1830 PDT

FEMA's recent release of the Information and Communications Technology functional guidance for emergency operations centers (EOCs) and incident management teams (IMTs) represents a sea change for communications units across the response and recovery sectors. The new guidance puts information technology and cybersecurity on the same level as interoperable communications and breaks the communications unit out into its own branch within ICS. In this presentation, we'll talk about the changes recommended, what effect they might have on EOC / IMT operations, the rationale behind and design of the new structure, and what might be expected in the future.

Links to  Webinar Recording  Webinar Slides

PCR Webinar - Using ReadyOp​ - A Primer for the Neophyte User​

Pacific Region Communications is hosting a webinar "Using ReadyOp​ - A Primer for the Neophyte User​" on Wednesday April 19, 2023 from 1900-2000 PDT.   Lt Col David Rudawitz, PCR Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications will be the webinar leader.  Topics to be covered are:

  • ReadyOp – a quick overview​
  • Radios and ReadyOp​
  • ReadyOp Roster​
  • Tracking Assets in the Field​

Slides.   Slides    Recording   Recording

ORWG ES Webinar - Beyond Line-of-Sight LMR Communications Planning - October 12, 2022 1900-2000 PDT

What do communications and mission planners have to do to ensure communications between the ICP and tactical resources in the field when the area of operations is outside of the range of their land mobile radio systems?  In this webinar, we will examine this challenge and look at the pros and cons of a number of potential tools available to CAP that can be used in these situations.  I would urge communicators, communications planners, incident management personnel, as well as air and ground crews to attend this webinar.  This webinar was recorded.


Job Aids and Other Information

Call Sign List

CAP Communications Information

CAP NTN List Serve

This is the non-official CAP communications list serve where information is distributed as well as interesting discussions are shared among CAP communicators.  You must be a current CAP member to subscribe.

One subscribes/unsubscribes to CAP-NTN with an email request to DOKO@CAPNHQ.GOV.

Please include your CAPID and desired email destination. 


Requesting Radio Equipment Repair and Accessories

Various Tools and Information


Radio Information, Manuals, and Reference Guides

APX Radio Manuals

APX-4000 (Handheld Radio) Manuals

APX-4500 (Base/Mobile) Radio Manuals

Impres Radio Multi-unit Gang Charger

CODAN Sentry-H Radios and Tuners
EF Johnson Information
NTN Message Center Stations (MCS)
Micom 2/3 and RDP HF Radio Information
Tactical Repeater (PDR-3500)
Technisonic (TDFM) Radio Information




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