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Oregon Wing Emergency Services

Updated 08/31/2023


The National Operations Center (NOC) can be reached via voice 24/7 at 888-211-1812 ext 300, via email at OPSCENTER@CAPNHQ.GOV and via fax at 800-555-7902.

The Oregon Wing on-duty Alerting Officer can be reached at 866-ORWGSAR (866-679-4727). ORWG Duty Roster

Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC)  (800) 851-3051

Contact the ORWG Emergency Services Directorate


Emergency Services Staff

We have also spread out the workload for ES Training by assigning ES Training Officers to logical groupings of ES qualifications. For assistance in the development, planning, and delivery of ES training, contact the appropriate ES Training Officer.

Here are those assignments:



ORWG ES Program Area Support - 8/31/23

In our continuing efforts to facilitate and support the CAP Emergency Services program in Oregon Wing, the Wing ES staff is being expanded.  I will be assigning staff to work with specific units in order to better meet the ES needs of those units.  These additional assistant ES Directors that will be working with units will have these responsibilities:

  1. Promoting the ES program with their assigned units.
  2. Identifying ES training needs of their assigned units.
  3. Coordinating and facilitating wing sponsored training and exercises for their assigned units.
  4. Working with their assigned units ES officers to develop, expand, and maintain their unit ES programs.
  5. Assisting members within their assigned units with ES issues, questions, etc.
  6. Providing a “first stop” for ES assistance beyond the unit

Capt Nani Blyleven has transferred to Wing staff to accept an assignment as an Assistant ES Director position.  Capt Blyleven will be working with these units; Eugene, Grants Pass, High Desert, Klamath Falls, and Medford.



Handling CAP Member Reports of Actual ELT Signals

The following procedures should be followed in the event of an ORWG member becoming aware of or hearing an ELT signal on 121.5, or, for that manner, any of the actual ELT frequencies.

If airborne:

  1. Contact the nearest ATC center (typically Seattle) and make a report.  If flying a CAP aircraft, make it clear that you are not assigned to track the signal and that your report should be processed like any other ELT PIREP. 
  2. Contact the ORWG Duty Alerting Officer directly via CAP VHF radio or, upon landing, by phone using the alerting number (844) 679-4227) and provide a report to include your location, the presumed location of the ELT and any other pertinent information.  Duty Alerting Officer Roster

If on the ground:

  1. If the report is second hand from someone else, encourage that individual to report the ELT signal to the FAA.
  2. Contact the ORWG Duty Alerting Officer directly, or by using the alerting number (844) 679-4227, and provide a report to include the location of the individual that has heard the ELT signal, the presumed location of the ELT, and any other pertinent information.  

The ORWG Duty Alerting Officer will contact the Oregon SAR coordinator and relay the report.  In the event that there is already an active ELT incident in Oregon, the Oregon SAR coordinator will incorporate this report as appropriate.  Otherwise, the Oregon SAR coordinator can work with the AFRCC to initiate a mission for CAP to locate the signal.

Under no circumstances, may ORWG CAP personnel, as a CAP member,  take any actions to locate and secure the signal until such time as ORWG has been assigned a mission for that activity.  ORWG CAP personnel, acting as private citizens using their personnel equipment and transportation, may take any action as they so desire.


Scheduled Training and Exercise Events

Emergency Services Training Information

Watch for announcements or view the wing calendar to confirm dates, locations, and times.

Login to Oregon Wing Office 365 account required to view.

Before the Ground Shakes Earthquake Preparedness Seminar

This outstanding session focused on helping our federal community ensure they are ready for the "big one" here in the Pacific NW. Please share widely, and if you were unable to attend the seminar, take an hour and watch the video. It may just save the life of you and those you love!


Presented by Ethos Preparedness Education.

“A 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake will be a disaster unlike anyone has ever seen.” - FEMA Region 10 administrator Ken Murphy.  In order to achieve resilience, we must all contribute to our region's preparedness culture. Ethos aims to create an enduring conversation in your workplace and household.

This presentation includes:

  • - The science and history of the Ring of Fire
  • - “Drop/cover/hold-on” and other shaking scenarios
  • - Securing household and office furniture
  • - Tsunami preparedness and evacuation
  • - The infrastructural impact of a major seismic event
  • - Live review of kit contents, item by item
  • - Creating a family preparedness plan
  • - Igniting a preparedness movement in your community

Earthquake Preparedness Information



  • ES Unit Planning
  • Air and Ground Sortie Debriefing and Finances
  • IMT Kit Contents


ES Officer Orientation


ORWG Wing Conference ES Sessions

2023 Conference
2022 Conference
  • ES Qualification Process Slides
2020 Conference


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