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Office 365 Setup and FAQs

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How to setup you Office 365 account?

Scroll through the presentation below or download the presentation file on the right.

Microsoft Teams Training Videos

Link to training videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was a member before June of 2019, how do I find the invitation email for the new service?
A: A “Welcome email” was sent on 24 Jun 2019. If you need a new copy of the email, please send an email to it-orwg@orwgcap.org.

Q: I’m having trouble with my Welcome Email – my email client doesn’t work!
A: Please note that when you first establish your ORWG account, you have to connect using a web browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari, etc). After setting up your own password and password recovery method, you can connect your account to both computers and mobile devices. When you set up your email client, select “Exchange” as the type of service and, if asked, “Work or School” account.

Q: Can I use Office 365 and access email on my mobile devices?
A: Yes! You can access Office 365 applications by downloading the apps from the App Store on your iPhone or Android. You can also use the built in email apps on your mobile device to receive emails and sync calendars. Follow this link to view a video on setting up your iPhone, follow this link to view a video on setting up your Android.

Q: The default email is for "orwgcap.org", can I have a "orwg.cap.gov" email address?
A: Yes. You’ll always receive email sent to orwgcap.org. If you elect to get an orwg.cap.gov address, you’ll receive email at that address as well. Send a request with your CAPID to it-orwg@orwgcap.org.

Q: I converted my email address to orwg.cap.gov – can I still send emails for fundraising?
A: No. CAPR 120-1 6.9 forbids using a .gov domain for fundraising. If your duties involve fundraising, either don’t convert your email address to orwg.cap.gov or use another account. Once your email address is converted to orwg.cap.gov there is not a method at this time to convert back to orwgcap.org.

Q: My legal name is William but everybody calls me Billy. Can I change my name in the “From” part of outgoing email?
A: No. The ORWG email system pulls your name and rank from eServices automatically. Your name in eServices is your name in the email system.

Q: Can I forward emails from this new email service to my personal account?
A: You can. Follow the instructions on the attached document for instructions.

Q: Can I use my existing Microsoft Office account services with this new CAP service?
A: Yes. Your desktop applications (Word 2016, Excel 2016, etc) will work just fine – by adding your ORWG account in using the “add service” button in “accounts.”

Q: Are cadets given accounts for this new email service?
A: Yes.

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