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Microsoft Teams Training

As our use of Teams grows please encourage squadron members unfamiliar with Teams to watch these training videos provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft also offers training videos on YouTube.

Upcoming Training

  • ICS-300 - January 22-24, 2021 - FULL
  • ICS-400 - February 20-21, 2021 - FULL

Internal Training Links

  • ORWG ES Training MS Teams Site - Link - This MS Teams site is the ORWG repository for ES and Operations Training including ES and Operations Officers professional development track.  You can find training materials, links to recordings of previously presented trainings, and some reference materials.
  • CAP Task Guides

External Training Links and Calendars

FEMA ICS Course Online

  • IS-100 - Introduction to the Incident Command System- Link
  • IS-200 - Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response - Link
  • IS-700 - An Introduction to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) - Link
  • IS-800 - National Response Framework, An Introduction - Link

Login to ORWG Office 365 account maybe required to view.

ORWG MS Teams ES Training/Support Channels

ORWG has an MS Teams site, ORWG - ES Training, which is the repository of ES training and support materials for ORWG ES personnel to use to support their training and reference material needs.  There are individual channels for each qualification and some consolidated areas for categories such as Air Crew.  This is a work in progress and some channels have not been populated and others are being added to as new materials are created/obtained. 

Here are links to the various MS Teams channels.  Login to your ORWG Office 365 account will required to view.

Virtual Learning Materials

Air and Flight Line Operations

Air Crew

Airborne Photography

Basic Emergency Services

GES Training

ICS - Incident Command System

ICS Fundamentals Review (7/18/20)
Area Command Briefing (7/18/20)

IMT - Incident Management Team

IAP Development Overview (08/18/20)
Missing Aircraft Search Procedures Training (5/16/20)
Operational Planning - The Tactics Meeting and ICS-215 (7/28/20)
Planning P Workshop

Planning Section

  • Missing Aircraft Lead Processing in the Planning Section (Oct 2020) - Slides  Recording

Resource Unit Training (5/16/20)

Logistics Section

Resource & Supply Ordering Training (8/4/20)


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