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The process to become a CAP pilot and then a CAP mission pilot may appear to be very complex but, in reality, it is not that difficult but does require time and effort as well as the hands-on support of squadron and wing staff to work with each new pilot member.  The process to get a new pilot started has the new member's unit Operations or Emergency Services officer (preferably an experienced CAP pilot) work with the new member and introduce him/her/them to our program using CAPP 70-12, the CAP pamphlet titled “PILOT ONBOARDING”.  Particular attention should be on Part 4.  It’s a very comprehensive document describing the path to becoming a CAP and Mission pilot (MP), etc.  In addition, CAP Standards S72-5 Aircrew Evaluation and S72-6 Aircrew Evaluation Criteria, provide additional information.  Each new pilot member will be assigned mentors to help them with both the required aircrew/piloting training and skills as well as the paperwork and automated tools used to support CAP air operations.  


National Webpage on Pilot Onboarding

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