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New Email Service

Oregon Wing is proud to provide each of our members with a unique email account in order to provide the highest level of security to our members and to our customers. You must login via the website link below the first time in order to setup your security settings. Once you have completed that you can utilize mobile/desktop applications to access your mail.

Below you will find a user name and temporary password for your Oregon Wing Email Address.

User Name: First.Last@orwgcap.org
Temporary Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When you are ready to sign-in please navigate to the ORWG Office 365 Email Portal, this is where you will enter the user name and temporary password from above. You will then be prompted to change your password and setup the security on your account.

If you need some additional help please download this Quick Reference. If further assistance is needed please seek help using the following list in the order presented.

  1. Contact Unit IT Officer
  2. Contact Wing IT Officer

Oregon Wing IT Team



Q - What is going to happen

A- Oregon Wing is changing our email service from Google to Microsoft

Q - What does this mean to me

A - Your new e-mail will be in the format of first.last@orwgcap.org or first.last@orwg.cap.gov

Q - Will my old e-mail continue to work

A - You will still be able to receive e-mails but you will not be able to send e-mails from the old domains.  

Q - How will I get Email on my computer

A - Go to the Office 365 sign-in Page. https://www.office.com/ and click on the “Sign in” button.  Further instructions are on this document.

Q - How do I get this Email on my phone

A -  Follow the instructions on the previous step to set up your email on your computer then follow the instructions on this page.    Add Email to my phone

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