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Virtual Wing Conference

2020 Oregon Wing  Conference and Change of Command

August 29, 2020

Registration required


For all CAP Members that would like credit for attending will need to complete the  Attendance Form (will be available Aug 29)You must watch or participate in at least 5 sessions to receive credit for the conference.

Please complete the form and submit.  All attendance confirmations will be conducted in arrears, after review of participant attendance forms.  This process may take 2-3 weeks to complete - we expect over 1,000 submissions to be reviewed.

Any questions regarding receiving credit for the conference can be directed to Col Virginia Thompson at Virginia.Thompson@orwgcap.org.


Conference Sessions

Click Here for a description of the Conference Sessions

Links will be active after the conference.

8:00am to 10:00am PDT

Opening Session Speakers from National, Region and Wing, awards  – pre recorded session

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10:30am to 11:30am

Town Hall with Leaders - Live Event

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Room 1

Ops – Pilots/FRO’s

Col Bishop


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Room 2


Ms. Kristina Jones


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Room 3

Health Services

1Lt Jill Simmons


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Room 4

Cadet Update

Lt Col Buchanan/
Col Nelson

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Room 5


C/Cpt M Ojala/
J Bailey

1:00 pm

Ops- IC’s/IMT

Col Bishop



SMSgt Dukes


Aerospace Ed

Maj Naas


Feedback 101

C/Cpt Ojala/
MSgt Spurlock


Uniforms 101

C/TSgt Olivia Froelich C/Capt Mika Ojala


2:00 pm

Ops/ ES -review

Lt Col Rudawitz



Ch (Maj) King



Lt Col Howell


AE/ Principles of flight/Jets

C/2Lt Beyer


Cadet Life/the Basics

C/1Lt Joshua Vanrenterghem
C/2Lt Camren McCall


3:00 pm

Ops/ Comm

Maj Naas


Public Affairs

Cpt Heather Perkins



Col Aye


Military Careers

USAF Capt Shannon Young
USAF Lt Tristin Briggs


Cyber Patriot

C/1Lt Vanrenterghem C/1Lt Luke VanSickle


4:00 pm

Ops/ ask us

Col Bishop
Lt Col Rudawitz



1 Lt Bradley



Lt Col Bos


Military Careers Cont

USAF Capt Shannon Young
USAF Lt Tristin Briggs


CAC Advisory Council meeting


5:00pm Closing Ceremony, will be pre-recorded and released for viewing after the seminars. It will include comments, awards and change of command

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