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Aerospace Education Officer Course Part 1 - AE 101 covers the 10 Primary targets to run a successful Squadron AE program. This will include hands on activities, Plan of Action (POA), Activity Report (AP) and continuous compliance.  Participants will be able to have signed off 9 of the 10 knowledge requirements for AE technician rating. Planning for successful activities and sharing resources will be included. 6.5 hours - Thursday Registration Required


Aerospace Education Officer Course Part 2 - AE 102 Reviews what is needed to complete Senior Level of Aerospace Education Specialty Track, How to reach out to to potential AEM's, AE 102 How to work AE into Senior Membership, Developing a dynamic Plan of Action and a Budget. 3 hours -  Friday Registration Required

AEO/AEM Workshop - Inviting classroom and homeschool teachers from the area to learn and use hands on activities and STEM products Working AEOs and AEMs together building a connection and opening communication. 3.5 hours Friday Registration Required

NHQ State of AE Briefing-One CAP - Briefing using slides presented to National Command Staff - 20 minutes Saturday

Pacific Region State of AE Briefing- One CAP. Briefing using slides for the six states in our region - 25 Minutes Saturday

AE Q&A: - Open to all members to ask AE Directors from the region question: How do I order a STEM kit? How do I earn Master AE Rating? What’s not working and why. Best practices. How to get funding? - 45 minutes Saturday

DCS-AE/DAE Breakfast Meeting - Sunday Registration Required This is a closed meeting

Field Trip - Open to all members attending conference but requires pre-registration, individual cost will include transportation and tickets to enter museum. Sunday Registration Required cost $20.00


Military Experience Forum - Join in on a discussion with Military Veterans about their life and experiences in the Military.  This is a FORUM not a lecture!  Learn about military life, here their experiences, learn about what it takes to live a life in service to your country!            Saturday 2 hours

FORUM - Leadership, Public Speaking and making the transition to C/SSgt! – Here from Cadets that have gone from Cadet Basic to the highest levels of Cadet Leadership and Command.  Learn from their experiences, ask questions, and participate in speaking roles.                     Saturday 2 hours

TLC – Training Leaders of Cadets       Thursday Friday -   Thursday Friday Registration Required

Cadet Program Updates and Region and National Special Activities  Saturday 4 hours


Hands on WMIRS, SQTRS entry – Work hands on with WMIRS, SQTRS, and gain a better understanding of SET.                 Saturday 1 Hour

Mission Management – Hear about Mission Management from the initial call through the first Operational Period from people that have run the largest missions in the Country.    Saturday 2 hours

sUAS – The Pacific Region Goals and Objectives       Saturday 1 hour

Practical Photo Processing – Hands on course on processing photos taken during disaster relief missions.  The Region is building a unit to be able to process massive numbers of photos in short order.  Be one of those experts! Saturday 2 hours

IMAT for Commanders, DO’s, and ICs         Saturday 1 hour

Who we are and what we can do for you.

COMMUNICATIONS – ReadyOp     Saturday 1 hour


Working in the system of Personnel Actions, awards, and more      Saturday 1 hour

Monthly Reporting Requirements – Safety, Vehicles, Aircraft entries          Saturday 1 hour


So you want to be a Commander – Full day class (Friday) dealing with what Command is about on a day to day basis.  How to succeed as a Commander.  Taking Command. Learning to delegate and making it stick. Continuous Compliance and how it helps you succeed.   Friday 8 hours

Projecting yourself as a CAP member - Making a presentation, Leading a meeting, Finding and working with either a Coach or Mentor.  Learn how to construct a military briefing, how to lead a meeting.  Discover the methods that will help you find the right mentor for you!    Saturday 2 hours

Corporate Learning Course (CLC) 2 days Thursday Friday Registration Required

PUBLIC AFFAIRS WORKSHOP                       

CAP Public Affairs / Public Relations Recruiting & Retention                        Saturday 2 Hours

Fund raising class for units.    Saturday 2 hours


IG Senior class  - 2 days Thursday Friday Thursday Friday Registration Required

IG SUMMIT (Video Conference in addition to on-site attendees IG’s and Wing Commanders)    Friday  3 hours

SUI Training for Squadron Commanders (And those interested) Saturday 2 hours

LEGAL (JAG)    Sat 2 hours

SHARK TANK – Discussion Forum on the current trends in CAP legal.

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