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Oregon Wing Staff: 

As of 12/28/2023

Position: Name:  Email:
Oregon Wing Command Section:
Oregon Wing Commander Col. Nick Ham william.ham@orwg.cap.gov 
Oregon Wing Vice Commander Lt Col. Harold Buchanan harold.buchnanan@orwgcap.org
Chief of Staff Capt. Bart Bradish bart.bradish@orwgcap.org
Asst. Chief of Staff Col. Virginia Thompson virginia.thompson@orwgcap.org
Command NCO SMSgt. Larry Hartman larry.hartman@orwgcap.org
Government Relations Advisor Lt Col. Thomas Flaherty flahertythomas@msn.com
Oregon Wing Department Section:
Director of Administration Lt Col. Timothy Paquin Timothy.Paquin@orwgcap.org
Alerting Officer Lt Col. David Rudawitz     david.rudawitz@orwg.cap.gov
Director of Aerospace Education Capt. John Price John.price@orwgcap.org
Director of Cadet Programs Capt. Justin Baugh Justin.Baugh@orwgcap.org 
Asst Director of Cadet Programs Capt. Joseph Brandon Joseph.brandon@orwgcap.org
Cadet Programs Development Officer Capt. Patrick Wineman patrick.wineman@orwgcap.gov
Chaplain Maj. David King david.king@orwgcap.gov
Director of Communications Lt Col. David Rudawitz david.rudawitz@orwg.cap.gov
Communications Engineering Officer Lt Col. Joesph Boyd joesph.boyd@orwgcap.org
Communications Licensing Officer 1st Lt. Edward Gonzales edward.gonzales@orwgcap.org
Counterdrug Officer Lt Col. Rogers Walker rogers.walker@orwgcap.org
Director of Development 1st Lt. Ronald McCall ronaldmccall@gmail.com
Diversity Officer Lt Col. James Howell james.howell@orwg.cap.gov
Disaster Relief Officer TSgt. John Cage john.cage@orwg.cap.gov
Director of Education and Training Maj. Carl Knox carl.knox@orwgcap.gov
Director of Emergency Services Lt Col. David Rudawitz     david.rudawitz@orwg.cap.gov
Director of Finance Maj. Paul Young paul.young@orwgcap.org
Health Services Officer Capt. Jill Wissing jill.simmons@orwgcap.org
Historian  1st Lt. Karista Bradley karista.bradley@orwgcap.org
Director of Information Technology 1st Lt. Joseph Boyd Joseph.Boyd.2@orwgcap.org
Asst Director of Information Technology 2d Lt. Micah McNeal micah.mcneal@orwg.cap.gov
Inspector General Col. Theadore Kyle theodore.kyle@orwgcap.org 
Legal Officer Lt Col. Thomas Flaherty     flahertythomas@msn.com
Director of Logistics Lt Col. Joesph Boyd joesph.boyd@orwgcap.org
Maintenance Officer 1st Lt. Charles Griffin charles.griffin@orwgcap.org
Director of Operations Lt Col. Ricky Koon ricky.koon@orwgcap.org 
Personnel Officer Lt Col. Timothy Paquin     Timothy.Paquin@orwgcap.org
Director of Recruiting Maj. Carol Moseley carol.moseley@orwgcap.org
Director of Safety Maj. Steve Case steve.case@orwgcap.org
Supply Officer Lt Col. Joesph Boyd     joesph.boyd@orwgcap.org
Standards/Evaluation Officer Lt Col. Dennis Wyza dennis.wyza@orwgcap.org
Testing Officer Maj. Carl Knox     carl.knox@orwgcap.gov
Transportation Officer Maj. John Miller john.miller@orwgcap.org
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