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Winter Raptor 2024 Encampment


2024 Winter Raptor VIII Cadet Training Group Encampment  

More info to come with the announcement of Winter Raptor VIII! 

Be sure to check out the Winter Raptor Facebook page – all updates, photos, and videos throughout the duration of Encampment will be posted there.

What is Winter Raptor Encampment? Winter Raptor Encampment is intended to teach the individuals from the participating wings common followership and leadership skills with standardized training and barracks life in a high stress environment.  Graduation from an encampment is mandatory for all cadets wishing to move on to phase III and earn their Billy Mitchell award. In addition to the four core aspects of the cadet program: Leadership, Aerospace education, physical fitness, and character development, an opportunity to tour local Aerospace themed locations, team confidence course, rotary wing Orientation rides are being scheduled.  Many of the high adventure activities will be weather and installation dependent and are not guaranteed.

The purpose of the ATS is to bridge the collective training gap for the phase II and III Cadets that have not had the opportunity for advanced NCO and leader training.  The ATS will function as an NCO Academy while incorporating the structure and opportunities of an encampment. Students in ATS will also receive an NCOA graduation certificate and participate in a rocketry program or Color Guard elective - based on student preference. Graduates of the ATS will be able to take the additional training back to their home squadrons and will also assist them in preparing for future leadership opportunities in CAP and life. Past encampment participation will be verified for cadets wishing to join as advanced cadets.  Attending this ATS is an excellent opportunity to return to and relive the lifestyle of encampment but get more relevant phase II and III training. There is no minimum or maximum grade level to attend ATS - just prior encampment graduation.



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